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Kalles Ioannis

Hardware and Software engineer

  • Oikismos ethnikis
    antistasis, Igoumenitsa
  • +30 6984795976
  • www.programmer.gr


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  • Html
  • CSS
  • JS
  • Java


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About me

I am a graduate student of the Department of Informatics Engineering in Kastoria. I am curently work as computer technician in the company LabNet Service 4U and at the same time as Freelance Web Developer. I always like to learn new technologies and programming languages.

Work experience

  • 2015 - Now

    Web Developer

    Website design initially with platforms such as Wordpress and Jommla and later HTML, CSS and JS.

  • 2017 - 2018

    Greek Army

    Completion of military service as a Technical Observer in the Medium Motorized Artillery.

  • 2018 - Now

    Hardware and Software Technician at Labnet Service 4u

    Repair: Computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, printers, cash registers and tax mechanisms.
    Installations: Networks (small facilities in businesses but also large in hotel units with fiber optics), cameras and alarms, pricing and commercial management programs, customization, windows, linux, windows server, SQL and various other applications.

    Salles: Computers, smartphones, tablets etc.


  • 2007 - 2010

    2nd High School of Igoumenitsa

    High school diploma and Cambridge B2 First English degree.

  • 2010 - Now

    Department of Informatics School of Sciences, University of Western Macedonia

    A graduate of the Department of Computer Engineering, I gained knowledge on computer networks, programming (C, C ++, JAVA, MATLAB, HTML), artificial intelligence and databases.